Title of the conference

Goats for the Future
Goat production in a changing environment

Congress Opening Keynote
“The role of goats in the world: farming, society, and rural sustainability”

Sessions & Topics

Local breeds and methods to improve or preserve the genetic pool for sustainable production systems

  • Utilisation and conservation of local breeds
  • Population and landscape genetics
  • Breeding goats for the future
  • Implementing new technologies in goat breeding

Current and emerging health issues for goat production

  • Monitoring and improving goat health
  • Managing udder health
  • Improving health and survival of kids
  • Control of infectious / production-limiting diseases
  • Drug resistance and alternative parasite control
  • Nutraceuticals for goats

Goat production systems of the future

  • Animal care and comfort: improving goat welfare
  • Shifts in production systems
  • Precision agriculture in goat farming
  • Interface between wildlife and goat herding

 Optimization of feeding and nutrition

  • Water availability and quality
  • Low-cost and sustainable supplementation
  • Feeding behaviour in different ecosystems
  • Kid nutrition and feeding
  • Prevention and control of nutritional diseases
  • Recent changes in programming goat nutrition

Environment, climate change and goats

  • Environmental stress factors
  • Reducing greenhouse emission
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Goats and ecological services
  • Life cycle analysis of goat products

Recent research and current advances in goat products

  • Small scale and large scale manufacturing
  • Omics approach to goat products
  • Health benefits of goat food products
  • Prevention of public health hazards
  • Recent advances in non-food goat products

Market and societal avenues

  • Small scale along with large scale commercial organisation
  • Strategies of local and small-scale production chains
  • New markets for goat products

Round tables

  • Transfer genomic technologies to breeding and commercial farms
  • Future of goat skin and fibre production
  • Gender considerations in goat farming and processing
  • Best practices for national goat associations *
  • Good goat science


  • Agro-tourism and goat farming – sustainability of rural areas
  • FAO Workshop: The future of small ruminant sector – sheep and goat farming
  • Integrated control of parasites: how to adapt the concept beyond gastrointestinal nematode (GIN) infections
  • Models and tools for development and transfer of appropriate technology to small and resource-limited farmers
  • An update on control / eradication of epizootic diseases (PPR, blue tongue, sheep and goat pox, caprine pleuropneumonia, Brucella melitensis, CAEV/retroviruses)
  • Traditional reproduction management and assisted reproduction technologies
  • Elucidating diets consumed at pasture


  • International goat milk products and cheese exhibition
  • Goat milk products and cheese award
  • Book presentations: “Goat Science”, “GOATS (Capra)” and “The role of meat in human consumption”; “Nourishment”
  • Best Poster Award
  • Training video competition and Best Video Award